SOAR Beliefs and Goals







SOAR Beliefs

  • We believe in supporting and changing legislation so that the laws will protect the rights of All birds living in captivity
  • We strongly oppose ALL exportation or importation of birds and support all endeavors that would change legislation, enforcement, and conservation policies to prevent wild birds from entering captivity.
  • We do not believe in breeding or placing Birds with those who do breed
  • We oppose all mass breeding of Birds in captivity and selling of unweaned chicks
  • We do not believe in selling, trading or using Birds in anyway for profit
  • We believe that all breeding contributes to the over population crisis  and suffering  of Birds in captivity
  • We advocate education and proper care for all captive Birds

SOAR Goals

  • We will collaborate with other like organizations to further promote the legislative changes needed to protect Birds in captivity
  • We will support All existing anti cruelty laws, and help to advocate for new laws that will further protect life for captive Birds
  • We will generate public awareness to the over population crisis and the inhumane conditions of mass breeding
  • We will help to provide information and resources for the rescue and placement of displaced birds
Together we can make a Difference, We are their HOPE and VOICE!

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