SOAR Code of Conduct







SOAR Members must agree to follow these rules of conduct, and they will be asked to leave the group by the SOAR Board of Directors should they break this code.

1) SOAR Members must not engage in any activity that would conflict with SOAR Beliefs and Goals.

2) SOAR Members must agree to actively support and promote responsible social and legislative changes to improve the quality of life for birds living in captivity.

3) SOAR Members must not endorse breeding for the pet trade operations purely for commercial purposes.

4) SOAR Members must obtain approval through the Board of Directors prior to issuing or distributing letters, fliers or petitions on the behalf of SOAR (that are not already available on our site. All letters, fliers and petitions that are posted within our site can be distributed freely without prior consent.

5) SOAR Members should be actively working toward SOAR Goals continually and are encouraged to communicate with the Board of Directors regarding their efforts and progress. SOAR Members will be asked to leave the group if they have lost interest, or no longer support all of SOAR’s Beliefs & Goals.

6) All official actions such as fundraising activities must be approved by a majority vote through the Board of Directors prior to starting the endeavor. All business conducted on behalf of SOAR must be done with integrity and professionalism.

7) SOAR does not tolerate violence against humans, other animals, or property. Members must not engage in any irresponsible actions or illegal activities that put the lives of any humans or animals at risk, or damage to anyone’s property.

8) SOAR Members must treat others with respect and dignity at all times, in order to promote the sharing of expertise and resources to benefit our mission and goals. At no time will a SOAR Members make disparaging comments about the efforts of other SOAR Members. Should legitimate disputes or concerns arise within the group, SOAR Members are asked to bring these issues to a member of the SOAR Board of Directors to help establish an amicable resolution.

9) Any SOAR Member who jeopardizes the credibility, cohesiveness, or effectiveness of the organization by engaging in conduct or activities that are unprofessional, intentionally antagonistic, may have their Member status terminated by the SOAR Board of Directors. Any violation of SOAR Beliefs & Goals or Code of Conduct may result in termination of Member status. A written warning from the Board of Directors will be issued to the offending member upon first infraction. Upon subsequent violations, a motion will be put to the Board of Directors to terminate Members status.

10) SOAR Members must demonstrate discretion when publicizing information about pending SOAR activities or Members. Some of our activities may require privacy during development to insure success, and some of our Members may need to remain anonymous for professional reasons.


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