WPT FlyFree Campaign takes Flight

FlyFree is a new initiative from the World Parrot Trust to create awareness and support for its decade-long effort to end the trade in wild caught birds.

Over the past several decades the trade in wild caught birds has caused the suffering and loss of millions of birds. Legal and illegal harvests for the international pet trade have been shown to be destructive to wild populations; few birds survive from trapping to the point of sale. Those that do survive may carry diseases, some of which have led to dangerous and costly outbreaks in the importing countries. Thanks to work spearheaded by the WPT in the EU, much of the international trade has now ceased, but countries in Asia and the Middle East actively import wild-caught birds. In places where parrots occur naturally, trapping continues to supply demand as well.

Please join Fly Free in the efforts to save wild birds Fly Free


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