Hatched in the U.S.A.?

Please watch and then decide for yourself if there is an issue. These pics are very hard to look at, but we cannot turn away and allow this to continue. If you think it is hard for you to view, how horrible it is for these precious angels living this.


2 thoughts on “Hatched in the U.S.A.?

  1. When will you “AR” people realize that good breeders are necessary for the survival of many species whether they be birds, mammals, and/or reptiles.yes there are ‘bad’ breeders out there and they need to be found and stopped. however there are many more ‘good’ breeders who honestly care about their animals. those of us who keep track of legislation and/or opinions realize that the bottom line for AR groups is the end of ALL captive breeding. Animal welfare is a much better way of helping our animal friends. a world without pets would be such an empty place.

    • We will stop when there aren’t thousands upon thousands of them suffering needlessly and the shelters and rescues aren’t overflowing with the unwanted!

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