Bird Mills from Project Perry

Here are 3 images from a Breeder/Veterinarian’s bird mill which had 600+ birds. Places such as this are no more than factories pumping out babies for the pet trade.

Late in 2002 inspections of the Scudders Parrot Depot breeding facility located in Pierce County, Washington resulted in documented allegations of abuse, neglect and animal cruelty. Thus began the controversial legal battle that waged for the next four years as animal welfare advocates fought the breeding industry in an attempt to secure basic legal protection for parrots by establishing licensing criteria for commercial breeding enterprises. Despite overwhelming documentation of death and disease at the Scudders facility and the testimony of veterinarians and avian experts as to the need for legal regulation of the industry, the proposed Aviary Licensing Ordinance 2006-81 for Pierce County was voted down at the Public Council meeting on October 10, 2006. Parrots lost their chance to be granted legal consideration or protection.

Where’s The Outrage?

Bird Mill Exposed Part 1

Bird Mill Exposed Part 2


3 thoughts on “Bird Mills from Project Perry

  1. There were hundreds of outraged people who came to the meeting. I was one of them. I was not allowed to speak despite my professional background as a Curator of Birds. It was filled with people out the door of this case. The cry was too divided about the details of the endeavor. The severity of the situation was apparent when they did not pass the regulation. The avian community here has since never had a uniform voice and continues to be weak with clubs on the out and little to no organization really being desired. People put the pressure on as to what the regulation should be instead of trying to implement anything. The regulation was not written “correctly “, causing fear of witch hunts, over-regulation, etc. The segregation vs. the unity is what caused this failure. Scudders still operates and pays more money toward their lawyer than their birds. So sad from what they were to what they became, but no one can come near the property again, is my understanding. Therefore, no more reports have been had.

    • I agree with you completely, and it is my greatest desire to try and pull the avian community together so that we can make these needed changes happen.

  2. ya know the STUPIDITY of these so called breeders should figure out ONE thing,if your going to breed you should take the very best care to insure not losing your investment, not just cruel but totally STUPID as well

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