Avian Awareness needs to go National!

The majority of the population is completely unaware of the fact that Avian Rescues and Shelters even exist. So it is not a stretch to know that they are also very unaware of the over population crisis. There is no better way to spread info than through the media and of course T.V. commercials are the best possible choice. Sadly I do not have the funds to create and produce such a venture, however somewhere someone does know of someone who might be able to do just this type of project. I implore everyone to share this article, you never know who just might read it and also love birds enough to do something about it!

The parrot population in the U.S. is growing to uncontrollable proportions. Many vets are reporting an increase in people bringing in their birds for euthanasia, because they were unaware that Rescues even existed. The sanctuary’s, rescues and shelters are full. Most are over full and trying to survive on non existing funding. Why are we allowing and accepting this to happen? We stand up in outrage when we see puppy mills in operation, why are we not doing something more about the parrot mills? Those who live their life as breeders are suffering and then tossed aside once they cannot produce any longer. The conditions in which these lost angels live in is just sickening. These are highly intelligent creatures that have emotions and are living breathing thinking creatures. They are made to live their lives in some of the most unbearable conditions one can imagine. Prisoners have life in better conditions than these magnificent creatures who have been condemned without a trial. They are looked at as a commodity rather than a living being. Breeding mills are in existence for one purpose only and that is to make a fast buck! They do not care about these wonderful angels that they have flooded the market with. To make more dollars they quickly send unweaned chicks to the retailers and there the myth about bonding by hand feeding these unweaned chicks was born. It is far easier to sell a quiet little baby, than a full-grown loud parrot ( THIS IS WHY THE RESCUES ARE FULL). Selling these sensitive creatures by lying to the public and therefore making more profit by not allowing the parents to raise their chicks. This puts the parents right back to breeding because they are trying to replace what has been taken from them. When chicks are removed from their parents, the parents will call and look for them for days and weeks. They feel emotions folks, and they are searching for their young.

Bird mills exposed by Project Perry

An Important message that must be shared!

There are many of us who do educate ourselves and do everything possible for our feathered companions, however we are in the minority. Sadly the majority of parrots living in homes today are confined to cages while their family is off working etc. Parrots are flock creatures, they are not meant to be alone. They have no way of dealing with loneliness, they were not intended to spend their lives like that. Most owners clip their birds wings, this in itself is very detrimental to a parrots sense of ability to deal with danger. They are prey animals and their only means of escape would normally be flight. Not being able to fly can lead to phobias, aggression and many other issues. As parrots mature it is hard-wired into them to find a mate and reproduce. This can bring on many behavioral issues which most owners are just not equipped (or even want) to deal with. At this age is when most parrots are being rehomed, placed in rescues or put into even worse conditions by being put in back rooms, basements, the garages etc. They are confined to live their lives alone because the owners do not know how to cope with them.

Some of these birds were neglicted and abused. Others treated with love. The results are often the same however. If you dont know what is required of you for a LIFETIME, please dont add to the rescues and continue to add to the torture of these pitiful creatures. We all claim to know so much…. and yet know nothing.

Until the Breeding mills are all shut down, the travesty that is happening to these magnificent creatures will not end. These angels were meant to fly and not be in cages. We humans have taken away their greatest gift…flight. If you look at the pictures of the plucked and mutilated angels, I don’t see how anyone could ever argue that I am wrong. If you think those are few and far between, then you are sadly wrong. Then there are the ones who silently go insane, they loose all joy in life and are tossed aside when they cannot produce anymore. These magnificent creatures are highly intelligent and being caged without socialization and mental stimulation is a death sentence for them. While the ones already bred in captivity can never be returned to the wilds and survive, we can stop this cycle from continuing. Those of us who share our lives with these angels…owe it to them!

“Be Our Voice” was inspired by the largest animal cruelty case in US history. We chose a bird as the symbol of our freedom for the U.S., and yet we have taken that very freedom away from those same magnificent creatures.

If birds are truly Angels sent from heaven, what kind of message have we given them about us?

Please watch and then decide for yourself if there is an issue. These pics are very hard to look at, but we cannot turn away and allow this to continue. If you think it is hard for you to view, how horrible it is for these precious angels living this. ~Please people DONT buy parrots ~ Dont support breeders and pet stores ~ They dont care about these birds ~ They only care about your credit card limit~

“Many have forgotten this truth but you must not forget it. We remain responsible forever for what we have tamed.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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Feathered Angels


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