Networking between Sanctuaries and Rescues

The Avian overpopulation crisis numbers are soaring on a daily basis. The relinquishment of birds has become an overwhelming issue that has flooded the Sanctuaries and Rescues with more birds than they can possibly accommodate. These resources are having to turn away birds continually or at times take in more than they can comfortably provide for. It is our hope that this project will allow us to create a source of networking between the legitimate Sanctuaries and Rescues that will allow them quick access in finding placement for parrots in need. We will also need those who can volunteer or assist in transportation for these Feathered Angels. All those involved in this project will be thoroughly researched and in no way will they be involved in breeding or selling of birds.

All those wishing to participate, please email us at


One thought on “Networking between Sanctuaries and Rescues

  1. Our nearest parrot rescue is Iowa Parrot Rescue, and I think they are already working with one in New Mexico, at least. I agree, the need is great, and some places may be able to care for birds others can’t.

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