Recommended Avian Resources

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6 thoughts on “Recommended Avian Resources

  1. Parrots International:
    Tambopata Research Center–Texas Schubot Avian Center–have to look that one up.
    Good Bird Inc–helping parrots with behavior
    IAATE–professional avain trainers
    Living and Learning with Parrots with Dr. Susan Friedman.
    Loro Parque Foundation
    Al Wabra Wildlife Foundation
    PASA Primates–have helped tremendously with parrot confiscation cases.

    What I don’t agree with in your list here is HSUS and Born Free. HSUS overall agenda is not pleasant nor truly helpful to the individual humane societies out there. HSUS did nothing at all when I contacted them to help with the situation nor did they have any resources they could share or forward to help as well. For your info, anyway….do with it as you will.

    • Thank you for posting these sites. Our Blog is not nearly finished and I have a great deal to add still but I do appreciate any and all help, advice and suggestions. Working together is what will make this finally happen!


  2. OH! Natural Encounters–NEI. They have online courses.
    I don’t know if you want to post it, but I have a website to the things I do as well.

    Lastly, I donated $250 worth of foraging toys to the Troy Parrots called Parrot Pockets, a leather foraging pouch. That way, the birds could have feeding stations that would not immediately deplete as they had to work for each bite. That information is

    Thanks for allowing some insight….Deb.

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